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Field Trips a la carte


Choose three story venues you would like to visit with your class to make up your guided field trip. This will give you 1–½ to 2 hours of guided tours and you may want to spend 30 minutes for lunch.

Recommended for Grades K-2

Bake cookies with Hansel or Gretel after you visit the delicious candy cottage. Learn about measurement and ingredients, such as spices and herbs. (Available March and April only due to the heat.)

Compare the home of The Three Bears to what their natural habitat might have really been like. Learn about the water, space, food and shelter bears and other animals need in their habitat.

Humpty Dumpty will help you learn about eggs and why the King’s men could not put him back together again. You will also visit the chickens, play a game and learn about edible eggs. Plan to visit horses like the king might have had.

The Three Little Pigs needed to learn about fire safety and tornado/storm safety. Compare the houses and decide which is the safest. The children will enjoy practicing and modeling safe habits in our little houses.

Little Miss Muffet will love your visit: just like the spider did. Learn about different types of arachnids and insects. Which ones are really scary?

Little Bo Beep’s sheep also had a job to do. They grew all that wool so she could stay warm, but what do you do with the wool? You will help Little Bo Beep prepare the wool to turn it into clothing and blankets.

Peter Cottontail isn’t just for little kids. Learn the art of growing a garden in a small space. This will include the plant life cycle. Also learn about urban wildlife that will probably visit your garden too.

Recommended for Grades 3-6

Snow White’s friend will greet you at the sluice. You will learn the history of coal mining and pan for gems in the sluice. Watch out for the Wicked Stepmother!

Cinderella will be working while you visit. She has many chores to do to prepare dinner for her step sisters. Learn about the social strata of the time period and how the different social economic classes lived.

Jack and the Beanstalk will feature Jack’s shrewd skills in bartering for the needs of his family. Student groups will be bartering so they can get enough food for the day. You will need to obtain food from all the food groups as you barter and trade.

Alice in Wonderland – Learn about light refraction and reflection. This will include prisms and rainbows. You will also observe optical illusions. Oh, the tricks your eyes can play.

Huck Finn gets to travel down the river on a raft with Big Jim. Learn about the history of slavery. You should also have time to help Tom Sawyer paint the fence. Do you have anything to give Tom for this privilege?

Treasure Island – You will need to map your way to the treasure... geography, mapping and orienteering will keep you on the right path.

Swiss Family Robinson created and designed many simple tools and inventions. “Necessity is the mother of invention.” (per Plato) What can you invent?

If you extend the day beyond the 2–½ hours there will be an additional fee of $3.00 per child/adult. School groups larger than three classes should call 256-512-0145 for additional trip schedule information.

E-mail Tammy Cooney or call her at 256-518-3931 for a reservation.

Download a Field Trip Reservation Form.