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Fans, Friends and Fairies

Hi kids!

At Whimsical Woods we have a puppet stage that you can play with. Visit Gepetto’s Workshop and you’ll see the special puppets we have especially for you to use to put on a puppet show. Whether you are having a show at The Whimsical Woods or creating your own puppet show at home, have someone videotape your show and they can put it on YouTube and send us the link. We may choose to put your video here!

Do you have a question for us? E-mail your question to Will & Felicity and we will try to answer a question or two right here each week. Do you want to know about our friends or where we live? Just ask!

Take a look here at how much fun there is to be had in The Whimsical Woods! Then be sure to visit our channel on YouTube to see more videos from Burritt on the Mountain and The Whimsical Woods!

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